luni, 16 noiembrie 2009

Golubac Fortress is one of the best preserved castles in Serbia dating from the XIV-th century. It was built by Maria Tereza on the Serbian bank of the Danube. It has ten interconnected towers so it could be defended from all directions. During the Medieval period it was the subject of many battles, especially between Hungarians and Turks. Presently, Golubac Fortress is quite a popular tourist atraction.

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  1. Very erroneous information.
    Austria was only destroying Serbia but never built anything.
    Maria Theresa had given personal titles and estates to Serbian soldiers from Lika and Krajina because they where her frontiersmen against the Turks.
    Golubac existed as a different fort even in Roman times, and in 1403 the Hungarian King Sigismund gave Despot Vuk Brankovic the title of knight of the dragon and financed the expansion of the fortress. Vuk Brankovic was Serbian greatest diplomat of the time and is extremely important in the fight against the Turks.
    Unfortunately, the stigma of gossip that he survived the Kosovo battle carried some centuries and people did not talked of him, though he died in a Turkish prison for for the reasons of opposing the Turks in various ways. Knowing Turkish tradition of behavior towards the enemies he probably died in horrific pain ....