joi, 12 noiembrie 2009

Mraconia Monastery is the only Romanian monastery built between the rocky banck of the Danube and its waters. Mraconia means “hidden place“ or “dark water”. It is located 15 Km west of the Romanian town Orsova and endured the history's adversities, starting with the nomadic hoards' pillaging, paying tributes to foreign empires and even being covered by the Danube's waters. Its existence has been documented in 1453, it was distroyed during the Russian - Austrian - Turkish war between 1787 and 1792, rebuilt and demolished again in 1968 and eventually rebuilt again in 1993. From the original building, that now lays in ruins at the bottom of the river, have been recovered only the royal doors and a candle holder presently held in the parochial museum from Eselnita.

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